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We are here to revolutionize facility management with a modern twist.


Legend World Facility Management: Where innovation meets sustainability for a brighter future.

Legend Holding is introducing Legend Worlds Facility Management. Born in 2021, Led by experienced senior leaders with over 20 years in the field, we are here to revolutionize facility management with a modern twist. 

Our Services

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Legend World's hard services encompass essential maintenance and operations, ensuring physical infrastructure reliability and functionality for seamless operations.

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Legend World's soft services prioritize occupant well-being, encompassing cleaning, security, and hospitality, enhancing comfort and safety within environments.



Legend World's E-services leverage cutting-edge technology for streamlined operations, offering solutions in energy management, digital maintenance and smart facility optimization.

Integrated Facility Management

Facility Management entails efficient facility operations, spanning maintenance, security, and energy efficiency. Facility Management complements this by coordinating specialized services from external contractors, ensuring seamless facility maintenance and operation while harnessing external expertise for optimal outcomes.

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"Legend World Facility Management exceeded expectations with impeccable MEP services and seamless subcontractor management. Highly recommended!"

Jane Miller


Whether you’re intrigued by our range of services, seeking quotations, or interested in the finer details of our projects, we’re at your service to provide answers to any questions you may have. Your inquiries are important to us, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you have the information you need.

Legend World Facility Management is a renowned name in the realm of facility management companies, celebrated for its wide range of services in Dubai, UAE. Specializing in both hard and soft services, Legend World offers superior facility management services including maintenance management, building management, and computer-aided facility management. As a distinguished MEP contracting company, their expertise also covers MEP services, ensuring efficient mechanical, electrical, plumbing, electromechanical, seepage, and insulation systems. With a dedication to excellence, Legend World stands out among facility management companies, providing unmatched civil services and facility maintenance. Their holistic approach sets them apart, establishing them as one of the top facility management companies in the industry, trusted for their commitment to quality and innovation in Dubai, UAE.