About Us

Legend Holding is Introducing Legend World Facility Management

Legend Holding is introducing Legend World Facility Management. Born in 2021, Led by experienced senior leaders with over 20 years in the field, we are here to revolutionize facility management with a modern twist. Our mission is simple: to optimize your building assets, increase their lifespan, cut down energy usage, and adapting the latest trends in the FM market. With our dedicated team and innovative approach, we deliver customized solutions that strike the perfect balance between efficiency and sustainability. Join us on this exciting journey as we transform facility management, one building at a time. Legend World Facility Management:Where innovation meets sustainability for a brighter future.

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Our Vision

To be the Preferred Provider, deliver excellent service, high performance and great value.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enrich customer experience through our people, products, and services with best practices and latest technology

Our Core Values


Commit to do the best for the customers and company with honesty, transparency and integrity.


Work with purpose and passion to achieve the goals.


Exploit every opportunity to learn, improve and innovate continuously with growth mindset.


Strive for excellence through every action to exceed customers’ expectation.


Take agile actions in a dynamic environment.


Respect, value and care for each other.